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My Grandmother has been residing at Ana Assisted Facility for almost a year. However, since my Grandma has been under the care of this facility her life has change. She is more active and happier. Furthermore, what I love about this facility is that, I can walk-in at anytime without any restriction. Ana and all her staff are very dedicated and pleasant. I recommend this facility to anyone who are looking to the best interest of their family and love ones.

- Kels F.

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My 90 yr old father has been there for almost a year. Before he lived there, he had trouble walking and lost his balance constantly from inactivity. He now walks very well with the help of a cane and his balance has improved immensely. The staff is professional, courteous and compassionate towards the residence. The place is so well kept, nice and clean and it has a wonderful outdoor area for the residence to enjoy.

- A Mal.

A perfect place for mom and a peace of mind at Ana Assisted Living Facility. When I visit or take my mom to spend quality time she's always so cheerful, clean and well fed she also gained some weight which is a good thing for her. There care givers are bilingual skilled staff very caring and having a great deal of patience. The facility is small but very clean inside and out. They give them respect, lots of love and treat them like family. I have 100 and 10 percent of my trust in them. My mom is in the best Assisted Living Facility in Kissimmee. This is definitely a 5 star facility. My mom is well taking care of. The Administrator goes out of her way always looking for the best interest of the elderly. Also comparing the cost of other facilities Ana Assisted Living Facility is the reasonable fee. Thank you Ana a million times from the bottom of my heart. :)

- Billy M.

My mother has been at Ana's Assisted Living for almost two years. At first, I was hesitant of the change, but I am grateful everyday for the wonderful care that my mother is receiving., She is much healthier, happier and has a new outlook in life. God bless all the resident staff, medical & volunteer personel. Special thanks to Ana for giving personal care and providing a "home " with medical attention. I can rest now.

- Mary C.

My mother was here after having brain surgery. Due to the daily activities, efficient care and great staff, she recuperated well emotionally and physically. This is a place I honestly recommend to those who love and need a place they can trust for their loved ones.

- Tamara G.

I had my aunt in Ana assisted living. The quality of care was great. My aunt was always very clean in terms of clothing and personal hygiene. The facility as well was also very clean and very well maintained. As far as the staff they were very friendly and caring. She was there for a few years and enjoyed it very much! I highly recommend this facility to anyone in need of care for a loved one or even themselves.

- Melitza M.

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Ana is a great human being that cares for her patients very well. The patients are always clean and happy. The facility environment is immaculately clean. She is always sure that her clients are clean and doing activities that make them feel at home. The food is excellent, and she is always very concern that the client's dietary needs are met. Her staff is very respectful and courteous. As a health care professional, I recommend this facility with my eyes closed.

- Luz N.

My mother resided in Ana A.L.F since last June 2015, She looks happier and healthy now than before, thanks to this wonderful place that provide the best care that my mother is looking that way, thanks to all the staff and administrator for provide the best care to our seniors. God bless all keep working hard to provide the best care!

- Alex N.

I would like to thank all the staff of this facility for the devotee, compassion, concern and respect which they treat their residents, my aunt resides in this facility for more than 3 years. The care that she receives helps her to have the quality of life that she deserves and demonstrates. When I visit her she is always in a good mood, alert and Communicative. I would like this facility to serve as a model for the number of establishments like this that came to observe and practice this unique Technical work in this field, thanks all of you for the delightful job provided for our seniors.

- Edwin Marmol.

Excellent service and care provided for our seniors . Facility is always clean and staff is very professional. Iam greatful everyday for the wonderful care that my aunt is receiving at this facility , she looks happier and healthier. God bless you all and thank you for the care you are providing for the seniors

- Erick Dubon

I want to thank all the staff of Ana assisted living facility for the assistance that my aunt has received during the two years that she resided in this facility,what fascinate most about this facility is how they look for manners to help residents little by little stars demonstrating the emotional and physical change,two years ago ,my aunt did not look so happy understanding that she has limitations in her physical abilities but she has been able to overcome them,thanks to these people who take care of them that protect,respect and most of all give them the attention that every human being needs in life.I have no more words to express everything I would like to say,but God will recompense you for that dedication given to these people forgotten by theirs families sometimes, but not by this wonderful staff that makes this small facility bigger than any other large facility.

- vitelio1944

I would definitely recommend this facility to anyone that's searching for a senior home. Very clean, spacious home, beautiful landscape, amazing food, and most of all the staff is very nice and respectful. Thank you for the love and care you are providing for my father. God bless you!!!

- mm Mm

User Reviews

12/09/2017  -  An Interested Visitor Writes:

I feel this is the best Assisted living for my mother and her needs. It has really been a positive experience for us, my mom is doing well, and I'm pleased with all they have done for us. They are very kind, and attentive towards my mother, and her needs. I'm so grateful with the staff and management. God bless Ana's Assisted Living.

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